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Femto Second Laser

Femto Second Laser

Dr Sachdev eye hospital is proud to introduce the first laser assisted cataract surgery in South Gujarat. We now have the LenSx laser from Alcon(a Novartis company). It uses a medical grade laser, which works inside the eye before even opening it to soften up the cataract. The same laser then makes the required bladeless cuts in the eye with unprecedented precision. The LenSx adds computer control to key steps of cataract surgery-which ensures the highest precision surgical incisions. Its unique software control system analyses live high-resolution OCT images of your eye, which helps the surgeon design a customized procedure; and then, visualizes and performs the procedure on command from the surgeon! To further enhance accuracy, a patient interface connects your eye to the image-guided surgical unit, so that both the LenSx laser computer and the surgeon commanding it have incredibly precise, real-time images at all times during laser operation. The LenSx is a device approved by the FDA of USA. LenSx is a breakthrough innovation using a laser for unprecedented safe, predictable and precise bladeless cataract surgery.

Blade-free cataract surgery  

Blade-free femto lasik surgery

Femtosecond laser for cataract surgery