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Lasik is an established procedure for reducing dependence on spectacles. Even though it is one of the safest procedures on the human body, the blade free femto lasik surgery is the result of the quest to make the procedure still safer.

Lasik is a two-step procedure-one to make a thin flap on the cornea (the transparent window in the front of the eye) and two to reshape the cornea to change its power after lifting the flap.

Traditional lasik surgery uses a blade to make the corneal flapand an excimer laser to remove the number.

We now have a procedure where thetwo steps are done usingseparate lasers, a femto laser to make the flap and an excimer laser to remove the number. Femto second laser like any medical procedure may have side effects, but this laser is gentler on the eye and side effects like colored haloes and dry eye are reduced. The recovery is also faster.

Thefemto blade free lasik laseris a device approved by the FDA of USA.